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Edition 1: Lorin Gaudin

Edition 1: Lorin Gaudin

Lorin has been a food writer 20 years, sharing her love for the culinary world by the moniker NolaFoodGoddess for almost as long. Lorin also owns the company, FiveOhFork. 

What is your most hard fought win?
Convincing people in 2009 that the internet and social media would be a big deal. Now the "win" is convincing people not to buy into the hype, but to stay focused on their craft. When I can get a chef/restaurant to pay more attention to their business versus the social media,*that* is the biggest win for them and me. 

What has been your most surprising failure?
I'm not really surprised by failure, nor do I expect it, but when it happens, I try to learn from it. 

What is your favorite book in the past 12 months?
I read a LOT of cookbooks, my collection is embarrassingly big. Other than cook books, I really enjoyed Gary Vaynerchuk's "CRUSH IT!" and I read every issue of Cherry Bombe and Fast Co. Magazine, cover-to-cover. 

How do you define success for your current job?
When the client is happy and successful, I'm successful. Chefs are complicated but incredibly interesting artists. 

Where do you find news and new information?
I tend to get most of my news and information from the internet, but when it comes to info-tainment, I'm a TODAY show junkie; I even listen to it on satellite in my car when I'm not listening to Sirius XM The Spectrum. I also read a number of industry magazines, am addicted to YouTube (specifically Casey Neistat's channel), and I'm very mindful to take it all with a BIG grain of salt.

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Balancing Language as a Female Boss

Balancing Language as a Female Boss